The Most Powerful Herbs: Turmeric, Gingko, Evening Primrose Oil, Flaxseed, Tea Tree Oil, Echinacea and Ashwagandha

Turmeric is without a doubt one of the most powerful herbs on the planet. It is from the ginger family and is mainly grown in India, China and Indonesia. It contains several compounds with medicinal properties, such as curcumin, a powerful antioxidant that increases the body's antioxidant enzymes. Gingko is also one of the oldest homeopathic plants and a key herb in Chinese medicine.

Its leaves are used to create capsules, tablets and extracts, and when dried, they can be consumed as tea. It is known for its ability to improve brain health and treat patients with mild to moderate dementia. Turmeric has been used as a medicinal herb for 4,000 years and is believed to have anti-cancer properties. Evening primrose oil has anti-inflammatory properties and can help with conditions such as atopic dermatitis and diabetic neuropathy.

Flax seed is one of the safest options among plant-based dietary supplements and may help prevent colon cancer. It can also help reduce obesity when consumed. Tea tree oil has antimicrobial superpowers and can be used in wounds and topical infections. Echinacea is much more than those beautiful purple flowers that you see dotting gardens.

It has been used for centuries as medicine in the form of teas, juices and extracts. It is known to shorten the symptoms of the common cold. Finally, ashwagandha comes from the plant Withania somnifera and has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal properties. It can increase energy levels, decrease anxiety and stress, reduce pain and inflammation, increase testosterone levels in men and improve male sexual health.